The Teacup By Zara

One peculiar day, I felt something was going to happen. I walked around the garden, where I could prod my thoughts in silence. The teacup I’d dropped so long ago distracted me. I closed my eyes for concentration and felt something change. I opened them to see what happened, but a blade of green stuck out before my eyes. I walked forward, realising I’d shrunk. I pushed past the strips of grass to the teacup. It reminded me of Alice in Wonderland. The teacup cut into the grass, which seemed to be stuck there. I curled up inside and nodded off. When I opened my eyes, I was my normal size again, as if it had all been a dream. What gave it away, was the teacup being broken.

The Mysterious Tea Set- By Athena

I heard mum yell at me! I got out of my bed and put my glamorous dress on, I walked quickly down the carpet, layered stairs! I rushed to get to the doors leading into the backyard! I saw mum sitting on a chair with a pile of money and a golden tea set! “Mum why do you have so much money?” I asked curiously, mum got a fright and she dropped a cup, a saucer, a teaspoon and her pile of money on top of the grass! It mysteriously dug into the grass and we couldn’t get it out!

The Giant’s Teacup

Once there was a ginormous scary giant with a black mole on his face. All he’s ever wanted was a teacup, but not just any teacup, a beautiful golden teacup that belonged to the queen.Today is the day, today he decided that today he would march down to the Queen’s huge palace and steal the teacup. He was off, stomping down the street letting nothing get in his way while everybody ran away screaming. At last he was there, he stepped over the guard’s Afros and walked into the palace trying to make the least noise as possible. Then a blinding gold light stared into his eyes and it was the teacup. He ran out of the palace, into the woods, tripped and the teacup jumped out of his hand and the guards caught him and took him to jail.

The Tall Teapot – Dengiz (DP Classics)

Long ago… in a battle between China and a dead empire , a gold encrusted, white teapot was sacrificed to save lives of millions. The teapot was launched to deflect a magnificent shot from the long gone empire. Even though plenty were injured because of pieces being sliced off by the collision. None of the chinese brave warriors were victims of the successful launch. But still, plenty of lives were lost on that day. There was a massive contrast since the chinese had countless warriors than the other empire and that’s how the teacup ended up laying on and. Solid…

The Tall Teapot – Dengiz (DP Classics)

Long ago… a precious gold encrusted chinese teapot got launched between a war of China and a dead empire. The chinese were losing. only one hope,the oldest cup to ever be on this planet, had to be lost to save millions. They catapulted it far away which deflected a shot heading straight at the Great Wall of China. Many guards were still injured by pieces of the rock but none died. It wasn’t a very severe case. But there were still tons of lives lost in the battle of China against an anonymous empire. There it lay.. sunken after centuries…