Our world by Thea

In the beginning all our world was water and ground. We had rain forests and trees, blue skies and more animals.But now we live in     Towns and cities.we have less trees and our animals are dieing.We had a better world before we started polluting it and throwing rubbish into our seas and  killing marine creatures.We have cars and busses polluting the world.The world is dieing we now have global warming problems.And this is all because of us.people say we cannot fix this but their rong we can fix some this we just have to try.we could make a prettier world for us and the future kids.

Scruffy Jack By Elliot

It was another average boring school day for a lean, scruffy boy called Jack, going to school in a pencil black Toyota. He arrived at the plain average school building. When he got to class he was confronted by the strict balding Mr. Jons who instructed Jack to sort out his hair and sit down. Jack sat down and he started to think “but what if I was in charge?”.  “I would let people be as scruffy as they wanted and I would change the bland school into an intriguing one, “that’s what I’d do if I was in charge.

The Escape- By Athena

I slowly pushed in the lid for the goldfish tank; I did that because I didn’t want it to escape. I left the tank in the kitchen for half an hour while I climbed up the ladder to get my blanket to put under the brown table in the kitchen. When I came back somehow the tank flew to the saucepan! I was hit in the face and the goldfish tipped the water all over the table! I went to get a spotless rag but simply couldn’t find one. I came back to check on the goldfish, guess what? PLOP!

My Dad the Artist, by Chiara

I slowly picked up the dusty ladder. “Pamela!” bawled my dad. “Can you get the brown ladder?”

“Coming,” I grumbled. I didn’t know why he wanted to paint my bedroom. Perhaps he just wanted to paint- he was a wall artist.

However, when I walked in, I saw that the four walls of my bedroom had been painted as all the four elements! The ‘water’ wall had a school of goldfish. The ‘earth’ wall showed a flowery jungle with birds that flew above the trees. ‘Air’ boasted fluffy clouds, while ‘fire’ sported colourful pyrotechnics.

“Wow, thanks Dad!”

“It was fun.”