Business Opportunity by Dominic

One day Jake saw the most peculiar thing in his back garden. A giant tea cup!

He called the police to get the fingerprints scanned just in case this was a prank? The police said that each fingerprint was ten centimeters long and five centimeters wide. Jake told the newspapers and on the day they were released  he had people lining up with cameras and notebooks, all wanting to see the teacup. After that he had many people waiting to see it and pay too!

Then it disappeared.

The next door neighbour found a giant fork in their garden, Jake was fuming!


Who owned the cup? Lydia

Who had discarded the tea cup? The beautiful ornate and gilded object reflected the sunlight like a bolt of lightning. It had been there some time. Lush green grass was growing inside it as if the grass had replaced the half drunk tea instantly as it fell to the ground and spilled.As I got closer to it, the gigantic cup towered over me. Then I realised that it had been abandoned in a hurry and was waiting in vain to be reclaimed by the even bigger creature that had once drunk from it in a time when giants roamed the land.

The Giant Tea Cup by Adam

Once in a forest in Nottingham, in 40BC, a settlement of Celts had their camp set up. One day, a rumble came from above and suddenly a enormous object fell from the sky and as the Celts fled, a giant tea cup crushed the camp and half of the cup was buried in to the forest ground and then the Celts are on a quest to find a new home ; this will be hard though as all materials are gone; they are going to start from scratch.

The lost teacup By Jonathan

IT was Jack Monk’s bedtime ,he was warm in his toasty, cosy  and safe bed. His mother asked him “what story today Jack”? Jack  took the book and flicked through until he saw THE LOST TEACUP. He then asked his Mum” how about this”? Jack showed the page as his Mum started reading Jack was secretly a bit tired, so he didn’t really listen. Though all he did hear was that a towering terrifying giant stole a magic teacup from the Queen! Jack dreamt that he would find the teacup and give it back to the Queen. The next day Jack saw something glistening it was white and gold encrusted   IT WAS THE TEACUP! He ran towards it , he heard an eerie noise he stepped close but then suddenly a portal appeared and Jack fell in! Though little did he know what was lurking there…

Mystery by Cosima

On a sunny morning I decided to go for a little walk in the Park. When I was on my way back I saw a cup not a regular one a huge embellished with gold patterns. I ran to a detective, he came with me to the mysterious scene and when we got there we saw a whole set of tea things; a plate ,a fork and a spoon!  Mr Detective investigated the scene from top to bottom he found a clue a jacket which was massive, trousers , shoes (about size 100.)  Mr detective said that it was a giants doing.