The evil giant by Nico

The needlessly cruel giant (called Jefferson)strolled into the room merrily whistling a tune. He was very happy because today was Saturday, the day that he always eats a child. As he comfortably sat on his newly bought chair and took a sip from his tea reading the daily newspaper. He was reading and reading and reading when a page caught his attention ‘A new search for giant has been reported after many children have gone missing’  reading this, he spat his tea on the floor and yelled in fright. His expensive teacup flew down onto the earth lying there forever.

The Giants tea party By Phoebe

“What story would you like to read?” Miss Lovekins asked the class.

“Giants tea party” Ellie replied in a cute voice, so Miss Lovekins picked up the giants tea party book and started to read.

“As I walked through the park could see a shadow that looked like some giants drinking tea and eating cake so I walked closer  hoping it was a dream , I could see their teeth that were covered in cake and giant tea cups sleeping on the wet sloppy grass………

hoooooggggghhhhhh SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSHHHHHHHHHHH” Miss Lovekins was snoring away like a sleeping lion.

“I think Miss Lovekins fell asleep” Ellie said.

Wonder Grass Tea Joseph

Chef Angelo was up all night feeling perplexed. He had created a drink to sell in his tea shop but no one was buying it. The drink was invented by accident. Yesterday Chef Angelo was enjoying a cup of yea in his garden. The cup fell off the edge of the table and landed like a boat capsized. He was feeling melancholy and then realised that he could sell it as a drink. The next day Chef Angelo woke up early to make litres  of his drink and named it the Wonder Grass Tea and sold it for £8 a cup.

The space tea cup Jonny 12/03/2018

“O.M.G! What is it dad?” yelled Dave. “No clue” replied dad. We researched on it and only found one answer, it sounds a bit crazy, the cup came down from space. My dad works for N.A.S.A and his friend told him he saw an alien in the moon with a tea cup just like the one in his back yard. No one believed him. So an exceedingly important space crew went on a mission to the moon with Dave’s dad. Finally, after 3 days they landed in the moon… Guess what was the first thing they saw? An alien drinking tea.

The Giant Teacup by Ali 12/03/18

“This is the best day ever!” Stuart exclaimed. Yesterday, Stuart moved house on this day and was very curious. He wondered how big the garden was, and to his amazement, in the middle of the beautifully planted flowers and the white painted shed, there was a GIANT TEACUP. Stuart cautiously inched a few steps nearer, just to see better, and underneath that cup, something was moving. You may think that Stuart was at least a little  petrified but absolutely not! He was ecstatic. After a lot of thinking, Stuart decided to go a little closer…..